Current Mail Order Marriage Statistics 2023

Mail order brides have become a popular type of family relationship based on online dating. They are quite common today as the industry of mail brides guarantees a high percentage of happy couples who become married.

International dating sites have played an important role, offering mail order girlfriend to all industrialized countries especially to men in the United States. Mail-order bride services also provide a certain number of men. They want their women to be old-fashioned rather than progressive or have attitudes that actually benefit feminism.

Statistics of Online Marriage Portals

AnastasiaDate is the top mail order bride site with an average of 2.6 million monthly visits. In 2012, AnastasiaDate’s traffic grew by 220%, and users spent over 360 million hours on the site. The mail-order bride industry saw a 29% increase in total traffic between 2012 and 2013. The annual number of brides ordered by mail is about 100,000. The share of women who successfully found a spouse through the mail-order procedure is 10%.

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In 2014, it was planned to invest more than $45 million in advertising mail-order brides for American men. 65% of these women who are looking for a spouse through a mail-order bridesmaid company are between the ages of 21-30.

There are about 10,000 mail order wife marriages in the United States each year. About 400 international brokerage firms are located in the USA. Their main purpose is to match men and women through mail-order brides. You can find 8 men for almost any 10 European women. This is very common for women in Russia who need to find a foreign husband.

In terms of existing reports, the mail-order marriage divorce rate is about 20% that is about half of the normal divorce rate in America.

In the Philippines, it is prohibited for a company to arrange marriages between Filipinos and foreigners or to help them get married.

Taiwanese men spend on the average US $10,000 on a mail-order bride’s wedding. However, the bride’s family members will only receive 5-10% of this total refund. In 2004, a jury awarded over $400,000 to a bride in the mail as a result of “dishonest marketing practices” by a family relations broker.

Although 90% of Russian women who wish to be married by mail do exist, they currently make up 52% ​​of the national workforce. Their overall cultural status is low enough that they are preferred over their current situation. Some agencies may attract up to 25,000 Russian women annually to use their solutions. A typical meeting which is a conversation between guys and girls who first meet a Ukrainian bride in e-commerce may consist of 60 men for every 1000 women.

Who Buys Mail-Order Brides?

American men who are over 35 years old but below 60 years old are looking for a wife on the Internet. He will earn at least 100 thousand dollars in 12 months in his task, and his number one problem is that he is tired of constantly looking for a potential spouse in his region. This is a typical man’s dream of getting a marriage partner who can take care of him and become the support of his life.

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Interest in the Priority Marriage Agencies

Another reason for the increased interest in mail-order bridesmaid companies is the fact that guys can buy more than just specific contact information. Thanks to the online world, men can easily spot potential online brides. The online portals have also created a small business model that is certainly very profitable for wedding agents. Aside from a free membership, it can cost a guy around $10 just to mail a greeting to a potential bride, with the expense of email, video chats, and even emojis. Most likely, they have already spent several thousand dollars before arranging a romantic tour with the bride to their homes.

This equation came with two relative risks. That is why all men must go through background and marriage background checks before joining the agency. Women must be provided with the results in their native language. No criminal background checks are expected for women. Still, there are endless tales of fraud and tragedy on both the relative edges of the equation. This data shows who has not suppressed the desire to find love with a mail-order purchase.

What is the Need For Buying a Mail Bride?

American guys may never need to find a foreign wife. Nonetheless, the international community needs to find a spouse in the United States. Because of this, ladies are ready for great risks in order to raise their status in life.

The only solution is a foreign wife finder. Often, girls have no dowry, no marital status, and no other marketing skills that can help them find a husband in their own country. For a certain demographic group of men, this time can be quite attractive to them. It helps them to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. Thus, love becomes more a business than an emotion.

Perhaps that is why the data on divorce proceedings are the same as before. Both events have one thing to achieve, the other to diminish when they were sincerely seeking to break the bond.

When it comes to the company’s online business, ladies tend to see guys as unreasonable and selfish. With a huge selection of love messages encouraging intercession, this is an understandable approach that many men actually have but one that most women don’t want.

For a mail-order company to continue to be successful, there must always be more assurance in place to ensure that men and women can have the opportunity to find relationships that can help events to develop.